CRistina Lasvignes forms gastroschool youth | Azotea Grupo
Azotea Grupo es un grupo de hostelería madrileño que gestiona espacios gastronómicos en algunos de los lugares más emblemáticos de la capital como el Museo Reina Sofía o la Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes.
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CRistina Lasvignes forms gastroschool youth

CRistina Lasvignes forms gastroschool youth

AZOTEA GRUPO collaborates with Coca-Cola in one of its most sensitive projects: GIRA JÓVENES dedicated to the insertion of young people in the different establishments of the Group with the idea of boosting their professional and personal growth, through tutoring learning and continuous training, developing within the room or kitchen.

Thanks to this initiative, in 2019 more than 20 young people passed through AZOTEA GRUPO and throughout this new year and taking into account the excellent results, many others will do the same. We look forward to meeting you all!

Today some of them have received training in the communication area by Cristina Lasvignes,partner of the group and great journalism professional, who has reviewed with them the main «tips» for good communication with the client.

Thank you Coca-Cola, for such a good incitement and for trusting us for another year.