Gastroescuela Gira Jóvenes en Azotea Grupo | Azotea Grupo
Azotea Grupo es un grupo de hostelería madrileño que gestiona espacios gastronómicos en algunos de los lugares más emblemáticos de la capital como el Museo Reina Sofía o la Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes.
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Gastroescuela Gira Jóvenes en Azotea Grupo

Gastroescuela Gira Jóvenes en Azotea Grupo

Through our new Gastroescuela project, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, we are committed to the labor inclusion of young people …

Employability of people in situations of risk is one of the social commitments of Azotea Grupo. Thanks to this initiative, 20 young people will learn a trade and live, throughout 2019, work experiences that give a boost to their lives.

Throughout the process, great professionals of our teams, both kitchen and living room, accompany these wrestlers in their learning process by supervising them work and personally.

They have started eagerly and are as excited as the whole team Rooftop Group Hopefully they are here to stay!

Learn more about our boys’ story:


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